Experience the agricultural technology of the future - The Next Generation. On this DVD series see the new Claas Jaguar 980 with 2 engines and 10 corn row of teeth in use. A New Holland FR 9060 also with 10 row corn teeth is also represented as 2 more Claas Jaguar 960 with 8 and 10 row Claas Orbis corn teeth. There trailer are enormous. One Fendt 933 and 936 is equipped with a Lacotec Wader ABH-450 and 6 row Kemper teeth. A Claas Jaguar 900 Greeneye is with the new Orbis 750 and a crown BIG X 1000 for use in a biogas plant. There are still many other machines and shredders on this unique DVD series. This DVD leaves each land technic fan heart beat faster. Many machines in this video are only for the Agritechnica 2007 introduced or presented. We see this already in use. Similarly, all the photographs on video on www.agrarbilder.com to find.


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